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Identify and build one habit to simplify your health. 



It's Time!


Simplify your health routines so you can feel confident in your motherhood. 

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  • We will identify your top wellness priority

  • Strategize and build one health habit or routine 

  • Make a plan to overcome any obstacles in your daily life

Reclaiming your time and health doesn't have to be complicated!


Imagine if you...

✔️ Could find some time for yourself

✔️ Were able to balance the needs of your family and yourself


✔️ Had the physical strength and energy to keep up with your kids


✔️ Had confidence in your ability to make healthy changes


✔️ Found deep connection in your relationship with God



Holistic Habits

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Building a lifestyle of holistic health begins with our daily habits.

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  • Start with ONE habit.

  • Build confidence in yourself through tracking.

  • Transform your mindset through a framework of understanding your divine identity in Christ. 


This is for you if:

✔️ You're sick of feeling like you never have time for yourself

✔️ You're ready to prioritize your mental health


✔️ You want confidence in your body


✔️ You're ready to trust God's design for you


✔️ You desire intentional, joy-filled motherhood

This is not for you if:

✖️ You successfully manage your time to allow for self-care

✖️ You're clear on your health goals


✖️ You are completely satisfied with your health


✖️ You have a daily routine of healthy habits you love


✖️ Your purpose in motherhood is faith-fueled and joyful


Get clarity on your health priorities,

A simple plan to create a new habit that will last,

And a FREE printable tracker to get started strong.

 Divine Design Wellness? 
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I'm Caroline

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I've been pursuing natural wellness in motherhood for over 16 years.


As a Christian, homeschooling, WAHM of 4, I used to constantly struggle to balance my physical, spiritual, and mental health, while trying to be the best wife and mom I could. 


I have been drawn to holistic wellness since the beginning of my first pregnancy and have tried all kinds of “healthy” programs over the years. From cleanses, diets, crazy fitness regimens, and more. I was overwhelmed and trapped in a cycle of defeat that felt impossible to break out of.

I finally found my freedom through a foundation of holistic health: simple self-care routines, balanced healthy habits, and a transformed identity as God's divinely designed daughter.

It's now my mission to empower other Christian moms to find the mental space to create simple healthy habits, grow their confidence, and rediscover the true design God created for them.

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How do I know this will work for me?

Answer: Results will vary based on different levels of commitment to following through with the coaching application.  If you want to see if we're a good fit, feel free to email me with any questions.

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